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Ashley Todd


ADT Detailing is owned and run by a sole operator – Ashley Todd – who has been detailing since 2017 and is fully insured/trained. ADT Detailing was founded from the owners love of detailing. The main aim of creating the business was to focus on providing the best service with the funds you have available without lowering our standards and make detailing more accessible to the local community. 



Your new detailing service!

ADT Detailing

Your new detailing service!

About the business

ADT Detailing uses some of the best brands available while supporting mainly UK based brands as supporting more local businesses is one of our biggest company aims, a few of the UK based brands that we use are:  Infinity Wax, Garage therapy, BouncersWax, Leather repair company, AMdetails and many more. Even though we attempt to use more UK based product companies we have a few companies from across the pond and from mainland Europe like Koch Chemie and Optimum Polymer. Even with our use of local products where possible we do not sacrifice quality as every product is tested before it is used on a customers vehicle and has to meet our high standards.

Our Service

We have provided packages that should suit every level of client from a 50 year old Porsche right up to a brand new Bentley. ADT Detailing is also able to detail any leisure and pleasure crafts (boats, Jet skis ect)  you may own as long as they fall into our insurance requirements (under 100ft, less than £250,000 and must be accessible from land).  

To help us provide the best service we evaluate each vehicle on an individual basis as each client’s vehicle and price range is unique, this allows ADT Detailing to provide the highest possible service. As we are slowly increasing our services we aim to provide more than the standard detail shop and hope to offer PPF (Paint protection film) installation and in the distant future full leather and cloth seat restoration which will help save our customers on the expense of a full reupholster which can sometimes also take away the originality on older classic and historical vehicles.    

Happy Customers

Justin Ellison

I decided last minute that I NEEDED my car to look really good for my friends wedding. I’ve had it washed and valeted before and it looks clean but not really really good. This guy fitted me in and it definitely did look really good as people commented on it at the wedding. Very glad I did it, thanks ADT Detailing.

Services: Decontamination Detail, Deep Interior Clean;

Alex Daniel

Thank you to ADT Detailing for booking in my bike for a decontamination wash. They were very accommodating and I was able to drop my bike off in the morning and pick it up after work. Their work was outstanding and I will continue to use them in the future.

Services: Decontamination Detail

Brian Cammack

Ashley has done a very good and professional job, taking his time to do a job that he clearly enjoys. My Subaru is probably looking better than it did when it left the showroom.

Services: Enhancdment Detail, 2-years Ceramic Coating, 2-years Ceraimc Glass Coating;

Neil Roberts

Ashley did an amazing job on my 07 Jaguar XKR the finished job transferred the car into a top marque I would have no hesitation In recommending ADT
Services: Enhancement Detail, 2-years Ceramic Coating, Exhaust Tip Polishing, Engine Bay Detail, Headlight Restoration; 

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